martes, 27 de septiembre de 2016

A good start

A good start.
What is that?
I guess some kind of perfection or utopic beginning that I will never write.
So let's forget all that overestimated fake beauty.
Forget all you think you know about me, stereotypes included, so that the truth can actually sink in.
Yes, it's much better now.

I like thinking that you'll imagine a world unknown to anybody but me when you read my words. I personally enjoy that picture: a man, woman or child building a castle up in their minds using nothing but what I provide them. It's probably harder than that, mainly because not even I can understand my own mind, so what a torture would be trying for everyone else! Not to mention the countless grammar/vocabulary/punctuation mistakes. But if you like, I can show you a story.

If you come with me, I will show you a story.

I'll tell you something.

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